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Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that is attracting more and more participants.  You can join us!

The Alberta Sport Parachuting Association is a member organized and operated group whose mission is To promote and facilitate the development of sport skydiving in Alberta.

Whether you're just thinking about trying skydiving, or an experienced jumper, ASPA's dropzones provide lots of opportunities. You can make your first skydive, go on to learn and develop skydiving skills, and earn accreditation that is recognized worldwide.  Our member dropzones have skilled skydivers that compete at both provincial and national levels. Alberta skydivers are some of the best in Canada.  Some of our members have gone on to compete and earn medals internationally, and even set world records.

Please use the menus to find more information about skydiving in Alberta.  If you have questions please contact any of the dropzones found in the WHERE TO SKYDIVE section or contact ASPA directly using the CONTACT US section.


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