Why Join ASPA

The photo on the home page is by John R. Smith and used with permission - ASPA gratefully acknowledges John for all he did for for the skydiving community. 

We suggest that you purchase an ASPA membership when you qualify for a CSPA Solo CoP with at least 10 jumps. Doing so will ensure you can take advantage of all of ASPA's programs such as the CoP Subsidy for your A, B, and C CoPs. You can purchase an ASPA membership on-line Click here

There are lots more reasons!

Athlete Development Funding

ASPA funds programs for members that are training for Provincial, National, and International competitions. These programs are designed to help offset some of the training costs for Alberta athletes that are involved in long term training programs with goals to compete successfully at higher levels of competition. There are funding programs for both Junior and Open competitors.

Available athlete funding program includes:


ASPA sponsors Instructor, Coaching, and Officials courses throughout Alberta

The association subsidizes the costs of taking these training programs for ASPA members. The purpose of this policy is to encourage all levels of skydivers in all skydiving disciplines.

Training, Skills Camps and Competition

ASPA sponsors various training camps throughout Alberta, such as:

ASPA organizes and sponsors the Provincial Level Championships. The Association supplies Judging Staff and Equipment as well as subsidizing the cost of running competitions.

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