Alberta Sport Parachuting Association

The Alberta Sport Parachuting Association is a member organized and operated group whose mission is: 

To promote and facilitate the development of sport skydiving in Alberta

Whether you're just thinking about trying skydiving, or an experienced jumper, ASPA's member dropzones provide lots of opportunities. You can make your first skydive, go on to learn and develop skydiving skills, and earn accreditation that is recognized worldwide. All of our dropzones have skilled skydivers that compete at provincial, national and international levels. Alberta skydivers are some of the best in Canada. They've won medals nationally, internationally, and even set world records.

If you are a skydiver living in Alberta we suggest that you purchase an ASPA membership when you qualify for a CSPA Solo CoP with at least 10 jumps. Doing so will ensure you can take advantage of all of ASPA's programs such as the CoP Subsidy for your A, B, and C CoPs. An ASPA membership also qualifies you to apply for subsidies for instructor and coach ratings as you grow your skydiving skills and want to help other people improve. When you get to the level where you want to compete, an ASPA membership is required to participate in all ASPA competitions. 

Please be aware: One of the ways ASPA supports its members is via subsidies for CoP, Ratings, and Seminars. Per ASPA policies to receive subsidies members must be residents of Alberta and memberships not purchased thirty (30) days prior to any ASPA subsidized course or event will not qualify for subsidy for that event.